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Carolina Rolim – Managing Broker

Carolina’s impressive resume and background spans far beyond real estate. She holds a degree in Finance from the University Of Miami School Of Business and has extensive experience in stock market trading, international currency markets, as well as corporate finance.

These experiences have helped shape her keen eye for lucrative real estate investments. Looking beyond the bricks and mortars, Carolina is constantly seeking to maximize her clients’ return on investment. Whether dealing with negotiations or everyday challenges, Carolina drills down into details with tenacity and clarity of purposes in order to deliver sustainable results.


Felipe Ferrari

With more than 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Felipe brings an exceptional sense of customer service to the Luxe Group team. With unmistakable charm and charisma, Felipe is able to connect to his clients and goes beyond the call of duty to deliver service that exceeds client’s expectations.

A resident of Miami Beach, he is an expert on the inner workings of the most desirable condo buildings in the area and uses his extensive knowledge to match his client’s wants to a property that perfectly fulfills their needs. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, Felipe will wow even the most discerning customer.


Marcio Demelo

A distinguished alumni of New York University, Marcio is more than just a real estate agent; he is property manager and an expert on single family homes and high-end condominiums in some of the most expensive and luxurious residences in Miami Beach and surrounding area. He possesses a true passion for real estate, an unrivaled work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. Marcio draws on his 15 years of experience buying, remodeling, selling and managing rental properties to bring his clients’ visions to fruition.
Prior to becoming a real estate agent, Marcio spent 10 years on Wall Street packaging and trading residential and commercial mortgaged-backed securities for such firms as Deloitte & Touche, GE and State Street Bank. A polished negotiator, Marcio assures his clients are always on winning side of a deal.


Flavia Maia

Flavia Maia officially began her career in real estate in 2016 though her passion for it started long before that. This is clearly reflected in her performance where she broke records and sold over $7 Million within her first six months!

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Flavia is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Living in Miami over 30 years makes Flavia an experienced resident of the city. Her knowledge goes beyond real estate, helping her clients make informed decisions about schools, neighborhoods, and lifestyles all over Miami. These valuable insights makes the transition smooth for clients wanting to relocate or have Miami as a second home.



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